Friendly Scraper

An easy to use scraper for most online e-commerce webpages and beyond!

Make your drop shipping dream come true! Beat out your rivals by sourcing from various local sources for more variety of products and shorter shipping time!


Works on many websites

Scrape from an arbitrary website of your choice. Scrape from local and specialized wholesalers, there is more to the world than Amazon and Alibaba!

No programming knowledge needed

Our tool is easy to use, just click click click and you can extract all the information you need

Various extraction types

Extract links, images, text, prices, select as many as you need. What you see is what you can scrape! (for the most part)

Comes with Shopify exporter

The tool can create a CSV file that can be bulk uploaded to Shopify without any additional editing, making your inventory renewals easy!

Supports pagination and login

Want to scrape similar pages with pagination? Or there is a login wall? Don't worry! Our tool scrapes just as you see webpages.

Two years for free trial

There is no BS of charging you after two weeks... You can just try our tool, get busy or lazy, and then come back! You have two years to use your trial credits!


Please take a look at actual screenshots of Friendly Scraper to see its feel



Friendly Scraper was founded in 2017 with the aim of helping online business owners to procure more merchandises and for various wholesalers to get more revenue. The web is increasingly concentrated in the hands of select few companies and we are committed to democratizing the web by providing tools that allow small online shops to be competitive with the big guys, hence giving more choices to average consumers.
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Friendly Scraper has been a huge boon for my business. Whenever I find a collection of items I want to sell when I browse the net, I can instantly extract it and place it on my store. The interface is very intuitive, and although it sometimes have hiccups on some sites, generally it works well and I am satisfied with it.

Jill Donald

Online Retailer
I've tried various scrapers and one click integrations with Shopify, and they all have their advantages and shortcomings. Many tools are very rich in features, but are very limiting in who we can source the merchandise from. Friendly Scraper lets me get products from local wholesalers, which means shorter delivery times, which is an unique advantage over tools that gather products from China.

Stephanie Grinnell

Online Retailer
Although Friendly Scraper may have been made for online retailers, it is also very useful for data analysts like me. I had my team use the tool, and because it requires no coding, everyone on my team can use it, and we can easily add sites to monitor and prices to watch depending on clients' need. We monitor everything from clothing prices to trip deals using Friendly Scraper.

Danny Rodriguez



Please feel free to contact us with any questions, complains, bug reports, or feature requests.