Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Friendly Scraper safe?

A: Absolutely!  You only need your email address to try it out, and we will never expose that information to anyone else.  The data you collect and the scrapers you define belong to you and only you.  We cannot even look at them, or know which websites you have visited.  When you decide to subscribe, the payments are handled by secure Stripe framework, a trusted payments provider for thousands of services.


Q: How does Friendly Scraper work?

A: The concept is fairly simple, Friendly Scraper has a web browser inside the app, from which you can navigate to any website you want to scrape.  After you get to the website, log in if you need to, and select elements that you want to scrape from the website, and scrape.  You will get a CSV file.  There is a tutorial within the app to teach you the basic usage.


Q: How much does Friendly Scraper cost?

A: Friendly Scraper costs nothing to try.  You have 10 free scrapes that lets you test out the tool.  Those free trial numbers are only subtracted if the scraper successfully downloads any data.  Please don’t hesitate to try because your 10 free scrapes do not expire for 2 years!  We believe that this is a much better trial feature than forcing you to pay after a week or two.  After the trial period, we have a special rate of $5/month, payable by credit card, which can be cancelled any time within the app.  The price will most likely increase as the product matures.


Q: Does Friendly Scraper work on every e-commerce site?

A: We certainly cannot say that Friendly Scraper works on every site.  Every website is unique, and it’s not possible to build an app that anticipates how every webpage is structured.  Please try out Friendly Scraper to see if it works on your websites of interest.  That’s what the free trials are for.  We are continually working on our app to make Friendly Scraper compatible to many sites as possible.  If you have particular sites you want supported, please let us know from the Contact page.


Q: Can websites block Friendly Scraper?

A: Possibly, but not very likely.  Unlike many scraping tools out there, Friendly Scraper fully operates from your computer.  So essentially to the website, your scrape requests seem like you are accessing the website.  There is no central server that the websites can block.  Having said that, if you scrape the website too much, it is possible for you to be blocked but not very likely since the amount of request will not be so large.


Q: Can we save our scraping pattern and apply to different urls, perhaps within the same domain?

A: Friendly Scraper lets you save your scrapers to disc, from which you can load and apply to different websites as you please.  Your scrape pattern is not copied by anyone and only belongs to you.


Q: Does Friendly Scraper allow for unsupervised scraping at certain frequency such as daily scrapes?

A: Currently, Friendly Scraper only scrapes webpages when you tell it to.  You can’t schedule scrapes.  There is a big technical trade-off between the ease of use and ability to schedule scrapes, and we decided to forgo the scheduled scrapes in order make the tool more accessible and easy to use for everyone.  It might be a feature we can consider for later.


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